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March 7, 2022: Steve Jackson's Munchkin Presents Batman: What Happens After Kickstarter?

Although the Kickstarter campaign doesn't come to a close until March 18, the success of the project has already led to the question: What happens after the Kickstarter campaign?

Once the project comes to a close, we'll shift work at the factory into the final stages needed to prepare the game  as well as the stretch goals  for your collections. At the same time, the distribution edition of the game will also move forward, with both versions expected to reach our warehouse later this year.

What is the difference between the two editions?

  • Retail - The MSRP is set at $44.95, which is $10 higher than other Munchkin games of the same box size. Why? Because this one is packed with over 250 cards when the usual Munchkin game only includes 168 game cards.
  • Kickstarter - This is the retail edition of the game packed in a carton that also includes blank cards, a dice pack, a Bat Computer level counter, and a dice bag. We'll have some copies remaining for direct sales; the expected price of this edition post-KS is $64.95. Yes, the Kickstarter backers are getting a bargain . . . because let's face it, their support made all of this possible!

You've not yet joined the Kickstarter campaign? There's still time to join the project and secure that Kickstarter edition at a great price! Check out the project page for details and don't miss your chance to join us in making this new Munchkin game a success!

-- Phil Reed

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