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March 4, 2022: GM's Day Sale On Warehouse 23

Game Masters are a necessary component to most tabletop roleplaying games, including GURPS and The Fantasy Trip. We appreciate our GMs, and sometimes we need to bribe them to avoid killing the party . . . I mean, we celebrate their storytelling abilities! Yes, that's what I mean. To help with the celebration (and definitely not bribes), Warehouse 23 is holding a GM's Day Sale on a variety of RPG games, supplements, and accessories. Not only are there discounts, but freebies! Check out this roster of discounts and swag:


*Prices do not count shipping and handling or taxes.

The sale ends on March 7, so make sure to get your GM something special to let them know you care, and show that you in particular don't want to die next session!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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