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February 22, 2016: Get Your Munchkin Guest Artist Edition Signed By Ian McGinty!

Ian McGinty

Our first Munchkin Guest Artist Edition is flying off of the shelves, thanks to the incredible art of Ian McGinty. You definitely want to visit your Friendly Local Game Store for a copy if you haven't yet. In addition to this, Ian has been working on the Munchkin comic series from BOOM! Studios, which just hit it's one year anniversary. Being the awesome dude that he is, Ian is also going to be visiting a number of conventions this year, and you can get your Munchkin gear signed! He's friendly, and if you approach slowly, he probably won't bite . . . very hard. Check him out at these cons:

Agamacon - Aiken, SC; March 4th - March 6th

Emerald City Comic Con - Seattle, WA; April 7th - April 10th

Anime St. Louis - St. Louis, MO; May 13th - 15th

Tidewater Comicon - Virginia Beach, VA; May 21st - May 22nd

Kansas City Comic Con - Kansas City, MO; August 12th - August 14th

Ian is also fully authorized to hand out promos: we gave him the secret codewords, handshakes, the whole nine yards. So swing by, get your game signed, and bask in Ian's radiance!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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