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February 24, 2019: Bullet Dice In Stores This Month!


A few years ago, we had an idea for a new d6 design, so we worked with our partners at GPI to cut molds and transform the idea into a reality. At one time, we even considered running a Kickstarter project for the design, but the timing never quite worked out. So the new d6 sat at the factory, unloved and lonely.

Well, it's time that we finally release this new die design and give you all a chance to add a set of six to your collection. We're happy to announce that Bullet Dice is arriving in stores this month, with the pack of six identical dice priced at $9.95. These will be perfect for any game that uses standard six-sided dice (Ogre and GURPS, for example, as well as many classic wargames).

These are made by double-injection, with the two plastic parts fused in the manufacturing process, making the dice durable and ready for your game table. This was a fun project, and we're already talking about producing more (and different!) dice designs in 2019.

-- Phil Reed


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