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February 26, 2005: Onward To March!

I've had about all of the semi-vacation that I'm allowed for a while. It did some good, though there was a scary interruption when I thought that I had come down with the plague that has been racking the office. Nope - just allergies. I do believe that I'm going to give away this bottle of Albertson's OTC meds and go back to Clari [tin|nex].

Austin is lurching into spring. We're still having bouts of chilly weather - it's supposed to hit 39 tonight - but the flowers are coming out. My purple iris is blooming, and so are a lot of other things, including a petunia that doesn't realize it was supposed to be an annual. (For those who like petunias, let me say that I've been very happy with the new Wave cultivars.)

And SJ Games is about to lurch into the spring conference season, with GDC and the GAMA Trade show. Traveltraveltraveltravelfunfunwheee. "Can you step over here, please, sir?" Goody.

But no doubt there will be sushi.
-- Steve Jackson

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