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February 20, 2005: Changing MIB Leadership

We're changing the faceless overlord of the MIB for a new faceless overlord. Mark Schmidt, MIB Control since February 2002, followed the lure of money. Well done, sir! A MIB since 1997, Mark drops back into his minion role in his copious free time.

The former MIB Regional Director for Europe, Colm Lundberg, steps into the role of Control. Colm has been a gamer for over 18 years, and heavily involved in convention organization in Ireland for about 10 . . . and a MIB for five years now, and RD Europe for two and a bit.

Replacing Colm as EURD is Jan "JHG" Hendriks, who likely engineered this whole thing for his own advancement. Jan has been instrumental in spreading the MIB program to several new countries in Europe. He is also involved in the translation of Dutch Munchkin and the distribution of questionable candy.

Two other Regional Directors have passed the secret black baton to others: Alex Yeager, North US Regional Director, and Roberto Hoyle, New England Regional Director.

Alex Yeager, one of the founding MIB members, has in the intervening years grown the North US region into one of the most active areas of MIB activity, and even scored some playtest credits within the Illuminati, In Nomine and Munchkin lines. He lives in Toledo Ohio and makes a better Long Island Iced Tea than you.

Roberto Hoyle, RD for New England since the beginning, was subverted by the Gnomes of Zurich and gave up the position. When the brainwashing wore off, he successfully backstabbed his way back to the top. Our agents developed sufficient blackmail on him to force him into hiding. He's considered armed and dangerous, having last been seen sneaking into . If spotted, please contact the Travel & Recreation Department.

Both Alex and Roberto continue as MIBs following routine interrogation and defrocking. Their replacements, Walter Schirmacher (North US RD) and Ethan Platt (New England US RD), have long suffered under their Regional Director's collective thumbs, but now THEY hold the reins! Bwahahaha!!!

We give our thanks for Mark, Alex and Roberto for their years of service, and to their successors for the years to come.

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