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February 28, 2009: Giving Up A Saturday For A Good Cause

In this case, playtesting with some MIBs who came to Austin on the 21st from around the state. We also got to play with Ross Jepson, in town at the tail end of his New York Toy Fair trip.

We showed off Revolution, which was a hit. We showed off Frag Gold Edition to some Frag fans who were suitably impressed. We got some more work done on Evil Ted, which is approaching the right balance of fun and difficulty. And we played a couple of things we can't tell you about yet, including a new Munchkin supplement that I think is going to be a hit . .  once we smooth out a couple of problems that are making it not work right now.

Most of the guests in attendance hadn't seen the new office, so we also got to show off our spiffy building. Many nice things were said -- thanks, guys!

Creating games is fun work, but it's still work. It's nice from time to time to set the work aside and just play. We'll be doing this again!

-- Andrew Hackard

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