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January 28, 2009: From Indy To Austin (And E-Mail Update)

Hello, e23 Manager Steven Marsh here! For a few days at the end of January, and for the first time in my nearly nine years associated with Steve Jackson Games, I'm going to be visiting the Austin office. (I usually dwell in what I lovingly call the "Indianapolis office," which is a sectioned off portion of the living room.)

One thing I find amusing is that the folks I'm visiting aren't even in the original building anymore! As I started typing this, I originally wrote, "Steve Jackson Games is in a new office," but I did a smidgeon of research and found that their "new office" is now over three years old. Of course, it's new to me . . .

As a tangentially related note, we've been shuffling around some e-mail duties here. Anything sent to the e23@sjgames.com e-mail address will be read by me, at least temporarily. Unfortunately, as mentioned mere paragraphs ago, I'll be on the road by the time this post hits, so I may not actually be able to tackle that e23 e-mail with a full vigor.

So this is a request for patience from those with outstanding e-mail in the e23 mailbox; if it's not urgent, please don't get nervous that you haven't heard from us in a while. (And if it gets to be mid-February or so and you still haven't heard from us, feel free to send a nudge note!)

-- Steven Marsh

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