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January 7, 2009: The Smell Of New Paint

Renovations are ongoing, giving the office a smell of drying paint. It's . . . distinct. An office that was set up for one person has been re-arranged for two (which prompted the new coat of paint). On the other end of the building, one overly large break room will be turned into a break room and an office. (Yes, this is indicative of staff expansion. We have Big Plans.)

Outside, plans have been made for a genuine gazebo -- no word yet on if it will be "dread" or just the normal type. I expect it to ignore all attacks, but a Nerf assault wouldn't be out of order, just to be sure.

On top of all the construction, someone raided the old art archives, and soon we'll have bits of classic cover art hanging on our walls. I spotted several from Car Wars, and of course a couple Ogres. Ironically, the more recent art will take a bit longer, as there are no "originals" of digital submissions to frame.

It's like a brand new office, to go with the brand new year!

-- Paul Chapman

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