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January 8, 2009: More Love For Munchkin Quest

The rule-bending ubermunchkins at BoardGameGeek continue to rave about Munchkin Quest. Simon Lundstrom just posted a review with this perfect summation:

[T]his board game version of Munchkin is a huge success with me. It's not the perfect game, but it's the perfect Munchkin game. It's precisely the type of humourous adventure game that I want, and it's beautifully presented.

We know some people, like Simon, don't play silly card games. We don't understand them, but we know they're out there. If you know someone like that, why not sit them down for a silly board game instead? Add Munchkin Quest 2 -- Looking for Trouble, and your five best friends can help you explore a dungeon that's different every game. But always silly -- that's the Munchkin guarantee.

(And, on a personal note, may I say that it's great to be back? Well, I just did. So there.)

-- Andrew Hackard

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