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January 23, 2009: Don We Now Our Game Apparel

As we've mentioned before, SJ is away at Chattacon this week. If you're in the Tennessee area, it's a good opportunity to meet the man who put the "Steve Jackson" in Steve Jackson Games! (Okay, he also put the "Games" in there, too . . .)

Unfortunately, Steve might not know you're part of the Conspiracy if he doesn't have a way of identifying you at a glance. So, why not consider wearing a T-shirt from our shirt-printing partner, Printfection?1 The classic designs have withstood the test of time -- I still get people chuckling over my "If You're Really a Goth, Where Were You When We Sacked Rome?" shirt -- and the fact that most of them have been out of print for ages might trick the unsuspecting that you've somehow had a pristine shirt design for years . . . perhaps even in a color that was never available before!

Of course, if you're not attending Chattacon, it's still perfectly acceptable to purchase and wear one of these fine shirts from Printfection. Our agents are everywhere and appreciate being able to recognize you on sight fnord.

-- Steven Marsh

1 Of course, if you needed a shirt in time for this weekend, you really needed to order it a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, our Temporal Agent's last communique mentioned something about accidentally killing his grandfather, so you might not have received a reminder in time to order one for Chattacon.

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