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January 14, 2009: e23: The 2008 Final Tally

Now that 2008 is well and truly "in the can," we can take a look back, and review the e23 releases for the year.

The grand total is 1,218 pages of new, never-seen-before material. By any standards, that's a bunch. GURPS Fourth Edition accounted for 1,127 pages of that, and Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch contributed over 200 pages himself. The guy's a machine!

And that's only the new material. We also uploaded 32 products that had been previously released, from Killer and the Cardboard Heroes series to GURPS Basic Set and 17 classic Third Edition books from our GURPS archives.

The crazy part is, despite our best efforts, we weren't really running at 100% last year. But now that we've staffed up, and gotten some experience under our belts, 2009 is looking like an excellent year for PDFs.

-- Paul Chapman

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