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January 21, 2009: Bookmarks, But Not For Books

Everybody loves Munchkin bookmarks. They're rare, they're special, and they're a munchkinly power boost right when you need it. What I've never seen them used for is marking anyone's place in a book.

In preparation for this year's convention season, we just received a mega-reprint of nearly every bookmark we've done for our favorite card game. Yep, that's two full pallets of pure Munchkin in a convenient 2" by 6" form.

We'll be bundling these up and sending them to our loyal MIBs as prizes at your local convention and to our distributors to pass along to their favorite retailers (aka anyone who orders Munchkin). Some of them will be included in Warehouse 23 orders as well.

(And for those wondering about the Official Munchkin Cthulhu Bookmark of Udder Ridiculousness, yes, we've corrected the errata. While using it still doesn't count as a bookmark, you are limited to one use per game. And yes, you can still get a triple digit bonus from a large enough book. This is still Munchkin after all.

Oh, and if you don't have a "large enough book" at Origins or GenCon, go to the Adventure Retail booth -- they've got dozens of hefty Cthulhu-related tomes.)

-- Paul Chapman

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