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December 21, 2008: New Bibliographies

Bibliographies can give the reader insight into what works influenced the author, as well as further reading on the topic. For GURPS books, these lists can include anything from reference tomes to comic books. And with the online versions, you can go from "interested" to "owner" in just a few clicks.

Most Fourth Edition books have online bibliographies, and we're updating the older releases as time allows. Most recently, we added pages for Tales of the Solar Patrol, Celtic Myth, Mars, Age of Napoleon, GURPS In Nomine, and Low-Tech. The complete listing of every bibliography we have online is here.

Of course, this isn't just altruism. Steve Jackson Games does get a percentage from Amazon if you buy through our links. But if you're like me, the holidays have snuck up and your shopping options are shrinking rapidly. Overnight shipping, here I come!

– Paul Chapman

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