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December 13, 2008: Abso - Fraggin' - Lutely Awesome!

Frag Gold Edition components

We've been hinting at how good Frag Gold Edition looks and feels. Earlier in the week, the prototype showed up from the printer, and now we can show you, in living color.

Your eyes are not deceiving you -- that board is thick! Fox got a great close-up showing the height of the folded board. (Please ignore the lack of color on the figure; it's just a prototype.) The art on both sides is familiar, but you'll never worry about the map not laying flat, or accidentally tearing the edges.

Those player record sheets? They're not as heavy as the board, but they've still got some weight. And they're coated for dry-erase (pen included). The colors will vary a bit from what you see here . . . the final version will be color-coded to one of the six figures.

All this, wrapped in a jumbo box (the same size as the delightfully heavy Munchkin Quest), will be hitting store shelves in late March 2009.

-- Paul Chapman

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