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December 29, 2008: Fighting The Evil That Is Cliché

If you're anything at all like me – and for the sake of your friends, I hope that you're not – then you spend a lot of time writing. E-mails, forum posts, blog posts, and memos – and even some game writing – fill my days with words. And with so many words pouring out of my head in a single day, it isn't that shocking when the dreaded cliché finds its way into an otherwise adequate block of text. But how can I keep that from happening?

Well, with the article "Clichés: Avoid Them Like the Plague" I've now got an ace in the hole and can, as luck would have it, dodge clichés with the best of them

Wait, that last one doesn't actually appear on the list. Well, it should, because it's as old as time

Phil Reed

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