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December 24, 2008: Munchkin Resurrection Cookie

Munchkin Resurrection Cookie

I love cookies. And I love Munchkin. Therefore, I double-love the Munchkin Resurrection Cookie.

No, we're not selling these. They're holiday gifts for special friends in the industry, baked in very limited numbers. We've sent them all out, so no matter what bribes you send us, we don't have any more.

However, if you're facing one of these Cookies in a Munchkin (or Munchkin Quest) game: Eating it either prevents any Bad Stuff that involves "death" or flips all your hearts to red. For complete rules, see the Cookie's page.

– Paul Chapman

Spanish GURPS Lite

This file, so happily announced a couple of days ago, was not actually ready for prime time. If you have downloaded it, throw it away and give us a few days (we hope) to get things fixed. That's the beautiful thing about PDFs; it's so easy to distribute a correction. Of course, we shouldn't have fouled it up in the first place. Sorry - SJ

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