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December 15, 2008: Another Triple Play!

It's the second week in a row for three releases from e23. That would explain the late nights Fox puts in, lining all those little 1's and 0's up. Digital products require more manual dexterity than you'd expect.

If you liked the MacGuffin Alphabet in your SF campaign, you'll love the Alphabet Arcane in your fantasy world! Stefan Jones has concocted 26 artifacts to reward . . . or punish! . . . adventurers. Each item comes complete with background and history.

Have a Martial Arts sized hole in your Third Edition collection? You're in luck! This PDF reprint is exactly what you need, whether it's for your collection or your GURPS Third Edition game. (If you're playing Fourth Edition, you'll want the new Martial Arts.)

But if you're using martial arts at all in your campaign, you'll need ninjas. And for ninjas, you'll need Cardboard Heroes: Fantasy Set 12 -- Japanese Characters. These 36 figures run the gamut from the aforementioned ninja to samurai, from magic-wielding shugenja to yakuza.

-- Paul Chapman

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