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January 9, 2009: New Who

Late last year, David Tennant announced he was planning on leaving the Doctor Who franchise in 2010. Now, I'm a late-comer to the Whoniverse, but it's easy to recognize the power of a science fiction series that's lasted 46 years. But even so, the flurry of rumors that surrounded the question of "Who will be the Eleventh Doctor?" was surprising.

My house was rooting for either Paterson Joseph or Jennifer Saunders. Joseph is known for his role as Marquis De Carabas in Neil Gaimen's Neverwhere, where he had a cleverness that would have suited the Doctor well. Saunders is, of course, the creator of Absolutely Fabulous, and has a manic energy that might have been very interesting in the big blue police box.

The BBC made the announcement earlier this month, and chose . . . Matt Smith. Other than what I've read in his online bios I know nothing about him. If you're familiar with his work, drop by our Geeks Rule! forum and let your fellow Whovians know what we're in for.

-- Paul Chapman

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