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January 2, 2017: New Year, New Guest Artist Editions

Munchkin Guest Artist Edition

Some people say "Out with the old, in with the new" when it comes to the New Year, but I say: "Why not both?"

2016 gave us the Munchkin Guest Artist Edition line to help celebrate the 15th anniversary of Munchkin, and 2017 is bringing us even more. An anniversary that last two years? Munchkin doesn't play by anyone's rules! 

We're starting off with Munchkin Guest Artist Edition from Edwin Huang, shipping in March. Edwin is known for his art in the comic Skullkickers (and Munchkin Skullkickers) as well as his various Street Fighter projects (you can find more details in this article). It answers the question: What if Munchkin looked like a fighting game? Edwin's style is dynamic, smooth, and action-oriented, so you get an entirely new delivery for the monsters and jokes. You can even get a taste of his art with this Munchkin Monster Box, which is available now. It's definitely a unique take on the setting, and we can't wait for its release.

Super Munchkin Guest Artist

But don't forget about your friendly neighborhood Super Munchkin! Lar DeSouza gives us his Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition later this year, with his own brand of pulp-hero comedy. We interviewed Lar about his process and his own work as a real-life superhero raising money for MS, so check that out. Lar was nice enough to sign some copies of the game, as well as various promos, which should be fun as giveaways on our social media pages closer to the release date. Following us there would be a good idea!

And that's not all! We have some more secrets and surprises to close out our 15th anniversary celebration on the way, so follow the Daily Illuminator and Munchkin News in 2017 for all of those announcements. Thanks for making 2016 an amazing year for Munchkin; we're looking forward to even more amazement in the new year!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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