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January 4, 2017: Get Simon's Cat Meow, Restock Coming In March

Simon's Cat Card Game

Have you adopted one of our copies of Simon's Cat Card Game over the holidays? If not, you may want to soon. These messy pets are almost sold out!

We've gotten word from our main warehouse that stock is running thin – we're nearly sold out to distributors. That means your friendly local game store should get them soon to make sure they have copies for the immediate future! The next restock is coming in March, so it'll be a little while before copies will be available again.

But fear not! Simon's Cat Card Game is available at distributors now, so if you want it and your store doesn't have it, just ask and they should be able to order it. If you're a store owner, ask your distributor about ordering now, while it's still around!

Based on the hit YouTube series Simon's Cat, the card game gives players the role of messy house pets. Match colors and numbers to avoid getting blamed . . . which is harder than it sounds, because each colored suit has different numbers. First cat to three blame cards loses! Simple rules, so kids can learn and play easily, but parents who want to be a bit more cutthroat will soon learn that card counting and strategically screwing the person to your left work very nicely.

Pick up Simon's Cat Card Game today at your local game store. If you're a store owner, make sure you get your orders in while you still can!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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