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January 2, 2023: The Rose Labyrinth Kickstarter Closing Today

The Rose Labyrinth

Calling all adventurers and gardeners! The Rose Labyrinth Kickstarter closes today, so it's your last chance to back. We've included two full-color 24" x 24" hex map boards, lore, scenarios, and over 100 double-sided tokens to enhance your campaign in The Fantasy Trip or your favorite hex-based tabletop game. 
If you've been on the fence (maybe hedge, in this case), then now is the time to jump in and start the year off with a great new adventure. Thanks to all the backers who are helping make this a reality, and to the production team that worked hard to make this map happen. We're super proud of the result. 
The campaign ends this afternoon, so get your pledge in soon! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

PS - As I write this postscript, a day before closing, we might make the next stretch goal, which is to have me write another adventure seed. Make me do it! I have ideas!

-- Steve Jackson

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