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January 8, 2023: GURPS On Demand Over 120 Books Strong!


If you're unfamiliar with our GURPS On Demand series, then you've been missing your chance to add over 120 different GURPS books to your game library. Working within Amazon's print-on-demand systems, we've published several older, out-of-print GURPS books in a format that makes it easier -- and cheaper! -- than ever for gamers across the world to order these books. Since Amazon prints the books as close to their final destination as possible, the overall costs are much lower than if we were printing and shipping the books from our Austin warehouse.

The program is especially great for those of you outside of the United States. As you know, shipping costs and local customs fees can make ordering a book from Warehouse 23 overly expensive. We bypass those hurdles for many of you with GURPS On Demand, not to mention the savings in time since the books don't have to travel around the world to reach your gaming table.

Check the GURPS On Demand page for a list of available titles, and please continue watching the Daily Illuminator for notfications as we add more books to the series. 

-- Phil Reed

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