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January 3, 2011: We're Back!

If you haven't noticed, we've been gone the past two weeks, enjoying the holidays someplace other than "in the office." We're back now -- most of us anyway -- and will be diving into the e-mails and voice mails that have accumulated while we were out. If you're waiting for a response, please be patient with us!

(We will, of course, take a certain portion of our day to compare the relative levels of geekiness of our vacation activities.)

Warehouse 23 will be back processing orders this Thursday, January 6. Right now, they're dealing with the thrill of every retailer: end-of-year inventory counting!

Digital products have been available over the holidays from e23, but the human who stomps the gremlins -- we call him "Alex" -- has been doing a bit of traveling. He'll be back on the 5th.

Hopefully your end-of-year activities were fun. Welcome to 2011!

-- Paul Chapman

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