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January 4, 2013: Another Munchkin Shortage!

It happened again! Thanks to a combination of insane holiday sales and a shipping delay, our "extra buffer" supply of Munchkin will probably run out around the end of January. We now expect the next batch to hit our main warehouse in mid-February, unless there are further problems. Like that port strike that was kicked back a month but might still happen . . .

As of now, most stores still have Munchkin on their shelves, and most distributors still have copies that they can send to stores. So maaybe we won't really run out, at least not for very long.  Munchkin Deluxe is available (at least for now).  Munchkin Apocalypse is in good supply. And yes, Munchkin Zombies will hit the warehouse in a week or so, so it will be back in stores soon.

We thank you all for buying so darn much Munchkin that we keep running out. It's a good problem to have. And thanks to all those Friendly Local Games Stores too.

Now we're busy working on MORE Munchkin stuff to run out of . . .

-- Steve Jackson

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