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January 16, 2013: Retailers! We Found Some Munchkin And Munchkin Zombies

[Image]So, we previously reported being out of Munchkin and Munchkin Zombies again.

Good news: we found some!

They're included as part of our Munchkin Core Restock Bundle, designed specifically to help retailers get started with selling Munchkin or replenishing their core set supply in one big order. You get 18 core sets in all, including 4 copies of Munchkin and 3 of Munchkin Zombies.

It also comes with bookmarks and a copy of our 2010 Warehouse 23 Exclusive Booster (now out of print), as well as an awesome hanging sign! (Tell your customers to scan the QR codes on the sign. There are cool bonuses and stuff on it.)

Retailers, if you want to order one of these, please contact your distributors.

-- Leonard Balsera

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