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January 22, 2013: Ogre Parking Causes Delay

Ogre Designer's Edition Status Update

  • The maps, counters, dice and play references (rulebook, scenario book and reference sheet) were sent to print in November.
  • More counter test sheets and color proofs have arrived, surpassing our expectations for vibrancy and die accuracy. We won't know for sure that everything is 100% until all the tests come in, but we don't anticipate these causing delays.
  • Sam, our production manager, is working hard on getting the counter trays (for over 1,200 pieces!) right with the factory. It's like solving a gigantic 3-D puzzle, where Sam sets the parameters!

Unfortunately, the extra back-and-forthing to get the trays right means that the soonest the game will arrive at our warehouse is late May -- if everything goes smoothly. This is partly due to the upcoming Year of the Water Snake -- the extended Lunar New Year holiday season in Asia in February, when everything grinds to a halt. We might get a second test in before the factory closes. If so, that will help our schedule.

Sheet P1Test Sheet P1 -- a Kickstarter exclusive with a Mk. VI, Vulcan, Doppelsoldner, and Command Post. Ogre ProofProduction proofs. Lots of goodies! The retail version will have over 1,100 counters.
Ogre ChairOgre Garages (top trays). The final product will be clear plastic, with spaces tightened up for safer transport, and tray art sonic welded to the bottom. Bottom TrayFirst test bottom tray. For the second test, we've increased capacity, tightened up fit, and added more dice pockets. The final product will have imprinted section labels.

Ogre is now very close to the finish line, and we're proceeding with all possible dispatch. We know that you've been very, very patient with us over the delays. We could rush it -- and have a sucky tray forever -- or beg a little bit more patience, and have it right for you when it arrives.

-- Daniel

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