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February 22, 2013: A New Page: My Appearances

A somewhat frequently asked question has been "Steve, where can we meet you?" We do have a general convention info page and a sub-page that that flags the ones we're going to as a company, but that's not the same thing as my own appearances.

So: the new Steve's Appearances page. This will list only those events which I'll attend personally; it will also give some idea of what I'll be doing. And it will be the place where I'll post trip reports when they're done.

Note that this isn't just game and SF conventions. It will list any event where I'll be available to talk. Right now, that includes one trade show (there will be more) and a couple of LEGO exhibits. In the future, there will certainly be a variety of comic expos, store appearances, and other events. The whole idea is: if I'm there to talk to you, I want you to know about it in advance rather than hearing about it afterwards. So come say hi to me!

-- Steve Jackson

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