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February 17, 2013: Upsizing The Past

If you thought Ogre was the only seventies bit of fun getting upsized these days then you've been missing out on the "Jumbo" Star Wars action figures from Gentle Giant. Described as "Large Scale Retro Figures," these are 12-inch scale Star Wars action figures that are being created by scanning a classic Kenner action figure from the seventies and eighties and then producing a rotocast toy. The basic articulation, the classic sculpts, even the vinyl capes are all part of the "new" action figures . . . and I'm loving them all! So far I only have eight of the releases -- I reviewed the Blue Snaggletooth and C-3PO if you want to see photos of the toys -- and I'll definitely be buying more.

What's truly remarkable is that Gentle Giant isn't happy with only releasing the action figures in this larger scale: the cardboard Cantina Playset from the late seventies is also being released in the larger scale. Mine's on pre-order.

-- Phil Reed

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