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February 3, 2013: Crowdfunding Focus: Lakeside

Jay Lake is a prolific sci-fi and fantasy fiction writer. He's published ten novels and hundreds of short stories, and he's been nominated for the Hugo and World Fantasy Awards several times.

A company called Waterloo Productions, based right here in Austin, decided to do a documentary of his battle with and triumph over cancer. During filming, the tenor of the production changed when they discovered that he was no longer in remission.

They have made the brave choice to push forward with the film anyway, to tell the story they have, rather than the one they wanted.

We wish them and Jay all the best. The Kickstarter ends on February 8.

[Edit: Jay also has a fundraiser going to pay for a whole genome sequencing, which may give him more treatment options. Thanks to Roger Cawte for the link.]

-- Leonard Balsera

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