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February 4, 2013: Dig Deep For The Truth

GURPS Underground Adventures

As long as would-be adventurers have had earth beneath their feet, they've wondered, "What lurks below?" The answer to that age-old question is addressed in "depth" in GURPS Underground Adventures. Newly arrived at e23, this sourcebook -- scribed by beloved GURPS spelunker William H. Stoddard -- is suitable for any campaign that needs the "dirt" on what could be under the surface world.

It includes insight into past and present beliefs about the nature of the Earth and its interior (including details on what it would take to destroy the planet!), plus information on how to travel underground and what hazards one might face. It also has five GURPS templates for subterranean explorers, plus new gear, vehicles, Talents, techniques, and skills. And there is a frightening assortment of fantastic creatures (with game stats), and advice for how to add cavernous crises to your game -- including genre seeds to begin a campaign down below.

When you're a hero, sometimes you need to get your hands dirty -- and that's never been more true than with GURPS Underground Adventures!

-- Steven Marsh

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