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March 3, 2013: New Management At Warehouse 23!

[Image]Some of you may have noticed a new name popping up all over the Warehouse 23 homepage: James Holder. That's me!

Liegh Hegedus has been called back by the Secret Masters to concentrate on her primary mission of corralling assisting Phil Reed in his various clandestine endeavors, leaving me in charge as the new Warehouse 23 Manager. In my last two years as a senior W23 operative, I've learned my way around the Warehouse and have become familiar with all of the secret treasures and dangers. I welcome the challenge of taking on this new responsibility.

(Also, sorry about the photo. It's close enough. When it was time to take the real one, I was covered in goo on account of [REDACTED] escaping from [REDACTED] and [REDACTED].)

-- James Holder

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