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March 19, 2013: Quick Kickstarter Focus: Schlock Mercenary Challenge Coin

Quick, because Phil has an announcement below. But first . . .

Freelance artists are supposed to spin cool stuff out of nothing but imagination, and turn it into cold, cold cash. Howard Tayler is doing exactly that with the Schlock Mercenary Challenge Coin. You do not need this, but you probably want it. And the project is already overfunded by a factor of 65, so you need not support it out of kindness. Support it because you want it. And you have less than three days, so don't do that old "I'll get around to it" thing, because you will miss out. Now read Phil's announcement about Vegas!  -SJ

What Happens In Vegas . . . Is The GAMA Trade Show!

I am in Vegas this week, at the GAMA Trade Show, with Daniel and Ross. The three of us are working hard at meeting with retailers, distributors, and other publishers as we show new games -- like the Ogre Designer's Edition and Castellan -- and discuss possible future games and accessories (including a very neat Zombie Dice accessory I would love to show you right now). This is always a useful show since it gives us a chance to speak with the retailers who do us a great service by selling our games, and if it's like earlier years then we're sure to leave packed with more information than we can easily absorb.

If you're at the show, please don't miss Games Night on Wednesday in the Pacific Ballroom. I'll have copies of Castellan and Daniel will be showing off the latest Ogre components as he runs the game for everyone who wants a chance at fighting a giant cybernetic tank. We'll have fun gaming, I promise!

-- Phil Reed

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