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March 4, 2013: What's A Dillo, And How Do I Arm It?

Pyramid #3/52: Low-Tech II

Ahhhh!!! It's the end of the world! It's the eschaton! It's . . . oh, wait. I misread that. That doesn't say "Armageddon" . . . it says "Armadillo." It's an honest mistake, what with Car Wars' battle-hardened drivers in well-armored vehicles battling for credits and cred; you can see how my first thought was "end times." Anyway, we're actually talking about that beloved Austin, Texas locale, the Armadillo Autoduel Arena -- as described in the aptly-titled Car Wars Expansion Set 4 - Armadillo Autoduel Arena.

Newly released to e23, this classic supplement for Car Wars includes information on the Arena and its history, possible scenarios for drivers (including a week's schedule), a 32" × 42" map, and more. And for those of you who don't have a printer capable of handling 32" stock, we've got you covered: this PDF includes a version of the map designed to be printed and assembled using standard-sized paper. What're you waiting for? The Armadillo isn't the end times; it's the beginning of an autoduelling career!

-- Steven Marsh

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