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January 5, 2005: A Miracle Of Science

Since I discovered this webcomic, I've been logging in regularly to read it. A Miracle of Science is written by Jon Kilgannon and drawn by Mark Sachs. It's set in a future in which the Moon, Mars, Venus, and some moons of Jupiter are inhabited. The Solar System is generally a peaceful and pleasant place to live, except for those pesky mad scientists . . .

Our heroes are dealing with a particularly brilliant and pesky mad scientist, who with his robot minions (well, of COURSE he has robot minions) is coming along nicely in his plot to conquer the world(s). Hahahaaaaaaaa! The story moves along slowly, giving us time to get to know the characters and to enjoy the trip. The art is manga-influenced, imaginative, and shows just how much a character's personality can be changed with a few strokes of the pen. (Explaining exactly what I mean here would constitute a spoiler.) And it's very clear that author and artist are really a team.

I like it.
-- Steve Jackson

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