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January 15, 2005: Shipping Change

As of Tuesday, February 1, Steve Jackson Games will formally relocate our shipping facilities to PSI of Stone Mountain, GA. PSI has been distributing books for us for a while, and doing a good job. They ship for (among others) White Wolf, and our distributors rate them very high as a shipper.

Our Las Vegas facility will stay open but will be completely devoted to product assembly. It may well move into doing assembly work for other companies within the industry.

What does this mean for you, our Loyal Customer? Not much. The real changes will be behind the scenes. The only reason to announce this here is to avoid the inevitable pitter-patter of questions when the news leaks off the industry mailing lists.

For us, it means getting expert help with our shipping, and consolidating freight shipments with the other major publishers that PSI handles, like White Wolf. If you've filled up your gas tank lately, you'll understand the savings this creates. It also means moving our inventory closer to the majority of our distributors, which will cut down on shipping times, allowing faster restocks.
-- Steve Jackson

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