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January 5, 2023: Retailers, You Can Find Steve Jackson Games On Faire!

As we work to expand our ways of selling games to retailers, we've opened up an account at Faire. What is Faire? They describe their site as "The online wholesale marketplace connecting independent retailers and brands around the world" . . . and in our experience, they're providing exactly that. 

Faire handles the acceptance of orders and then our team ships those orders. There are several perks for retailers who use the site, and many tabletop game publishers are offering titles at the site, so we recommend checking it out if you own a game store and are looking for another supplier.

The site is only open to stores. If you own a store – whether a game store or gift shop – please take a closer look at Faire today! If you join the site, please be sure to order some of our games and game accessories when you start browsing and hunting for new titles for your shop.

-- Phil Reed

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