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January 7, 2011: That's A Really Good Question!

Phil's unscientific Twitter survey sparked a good deal of conversation around the office, and it was decided the sample was too small to even be called "unscientific." So we're going to ask the question again, but more professionally.

Here's a survey with just two quick questions. Click through, select your answers, and you'll be back here in less than a minute. (Of course, we would also love to read longer, more thoughtful comments, but they're strictly optional.) Please spread the link around -- here's a quick cut-n-paste version: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JDZ6772 . The more responses we get, the better picture of RPG sales we'll have.

A note to the statisticians in the crowd: Yes, I'm aware that two questions won't provide enough data for a true scientific analysis, and that making the response pool self-selecting is flawed. But this survey will gather more data points than we had before, and that's what we're looking for right now.

We'll let the survey run over the weekend, and take it down Tuesday at midnight. The results will be published later this month.

-- Paul Chapman

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