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January 8, 2017: Grow Your Tribes With The Digital Release


It's 50,000 B.C. Where are your children?

That's the question proposed in Tribes, now in digital form on Warehouse 23Tribes is the cult-classic roleplaying game about cave families, hunting, gathering, growing your tribe, and, most important, protecting your children. Let me reiterate: PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN! While your tribe is assaulted by natural disasters or you are forced to cooperate with other tribes, you always have to keep your progeny in mind. How else will your tribe continue? (It won't, that's how.)

The coolest thing about Tribes, though, is its scalability. 40 players, broken into different tribes, could easily play. Each tribe will grow differently, making its own laws and society, and will have to compete, trade, and possibly declare war on others. The ability to accommodate so many people and the emphasis on interaction make Tribes a perfect convention or event game. You could plan an entire game night specifically around a grand game of prehistoric parenting. 

Pick up your own digital edition of Tribes in Warehouse 23 now, and wrangle a few (or 39!) friends for a trip back to the stone age. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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