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January 1, 2023:
Our library of custom six-sided dice expands again, this time with the Tally Mark d6 Dice Set! These shipped to our distribution partners in August and can be found in game stores worldwide . . . read article

January 2, 2023:
Calling all adventurers and gardeners! The Rose Labyrinth Kickstarter closes today, so it's your last chance to back. We've included two full-color 24" x 24" hex map boards, lore, scenarios, and over 100 double-sided tokens to enhance your campaign in The Fantasy Trip or your favorite hex-based tabletop game.    If you've been on the fence (maybe hedge, in this case), then now is the time to jump in and start the year off with a great new adventure . . . read article

January 3, 2023:
It has taken us a very, very long time to get to this point, but we can now report that the upcoming Munchkin polyhedral dice sets are in the final stages of manufacturing and will reach stores in 2023. (Or, if you wish, you may preorder the dice today!) . . . read article

January 4, 2023:
Kickstarter efforts, with a total of twelve projects run across our two accounts. Of those twelve, all but three have been delivered to the backers, while the remaining open projects are on schedule. 2023 will be another year in which we take several new ideas to Kickstarter, with Wiz-War on the launchpad for our next campaign! . . . read article

January 5, 2023:
As we work to expand our ways of selling games to retailers, we've opened up an account at Faire. What is Faire? . . . read article

January 6, 2023:
We post to the Daily Illuminator every day, and have for over two decades . . . but we know you can't always make a visit to sjgames.com a part of your routine. Fortunately, in today's world, there are other ways to keep in touch with us and stay up-to-date on our latest projects . . . read article

January 7, 2023:
The classic Illuminati has come to Steam, with updates! Based on Illuminati: New World Order, this digital game brings lots of new art and a few gameplay tweaks, but the same classic feel . . . read article

January 8, 2023:
If you're unfamiliar with our GURPS On Demand series, then you've been missing your chance to add over 120 different GURPS books to your game library. Working within Amazon's print-on-demand systems, we've published several older, out-of-print GURPS books in a format that makes it easier -- and cheaper! -- than ever for gamers across the world to order these books . . . read article

January 9, 2023:
You can find our newest pack of dice at your favorite game store! This set of six 19mm six-siders is great for your Munchkin Steampunk, Girl Genius, or GURPS Steampunk game . . . read article

January 10, 2023:
Out of print for almost a decade, the fast-paced card game Spooks is now available via print-on-demand technology . . . read article

January 11, 2023:
We announced in 2021 (Daily Illuminator post here) that we had acquired the English language rights to the Choose Cthulhu series, and now we can report that work continues on preparing the fourteen different books for publication. This has been a massive undertaking, as we've re-sized every book to the 6" x 9" format and each one is going through an extensive edit and review.  At the moment, our plan is to take the series to Kickstarter just as soon as all of the hard work is complete and we can guarantee that we're ready to go to print . . . read article

January 12, 2023:
Thanks to technology, we've managed to keep over 100 different GURPS books in print through the GURPS On Demand series. We continue to add new books, but we've not yet truly tackled the direction that we will (as time allows) take the series . . . read article

January 13, 2023:
We're starting the year off with a spooky sale on Warehouse 23, running Friday the 13th through Sunday the 15th (a much less scary, yet necessary, day of the week). We've got monster savings on a number of the scarier titles across our entire catalog, such as Zombie Dice, Munchkin, GURPS, and more . . . read article

January 14, 2023:
The topic of AI art in commercial uses is a tricky and touchy subject. With that said, we feel like the recent blog post from Chaosium does a good job of highlighting their stance on the subject, and it's one we tend to agree with . . . read article

January 15, 2023:
One benefit of publishing games for over four decades is that we have access to a lot of manufacturing, shipping, and sales information. When we set out to reprint the Cthulhu Dice game, the costs felt extreme relative to my memory of what the game should cost to manufacture . . . read article

January 16, 2023:
We continue to expand the selection of books offered through our GURPS On Demand program. Where possible, we list older (and newer!) books as print-on-demand releases to make it easier on our warehouse and, best of all, make it as easy as possible for you to order print copies regardless of where you may live . . . read article

January 17, 2023:
We've added an extra day to TWO huge Backerkit stores offering pre-orders for Munchkin Witches and our semi-regular Dice Store. They've been very successful, so much so that we've already extended them an extra week for folks who missed them during the holidays. But all good things must come to an end, and today is definitely your last chance to pre-order all this great loot. Munchkin Witches features a 30-card witch-themed mini-expansion, and pre-orders will include the 10-card promo pack as well . . . read article

January 18, 2023:
We've started shipping the latest printing of Munchkin Side Quests to stores, giving everyone another opportunity at adding this pack of 30 cards to Munchkin games everywhere! If you're unfamiliar with Side Quests, this pack adds secret goals to the game, granting everyone new ways to mess with the game and amplifying your chance to win  . . . provided that you can complete your side quests faster than your opponents finish theirs. When you need a short detour from the business of killing monsters and betraying your friends, try Munchkin Side Quests! . . . read article

January 19, 2023:
After a long, long wait, we're happy to report that the new edition of Wiz-War is set to launch on Kickstarter on Monday, January 23. This ninth edition of Tom Jolly's classic game was developed by Steve and is illustrated by Phil Foglio, and the project is without stretch goals so that we don't accidentally cause a delay . . . read article

January 20, 2023:
Shipping to other nations has become more complicated and expensive than ever, and we often find ourselves unable to offer physical Kickstarter rewards to anyone outside of the United States. This frustrates many who live in other nations, and it frustrates us as well since we want our games to be available globally, but the difficulties are often far greater than the return . . . read article

January 21, 2023:
You've probably already heard me proclaim the possibilities of our popular On Demand program, which brings out-of-print, difficult-to-get, and/or never-in-print items to your gaming bookshelf. But we're proud to announce something a bit different . . . read article

January 22, 2023:
Would you like to receive information on new games, special events, and important news? Subscribe to our newsletter and you will start receiving a few emails every month where we highlight the latest games and expansions, and (at times) direct you to our crowdfunding campaigns. The newsletter is just one way to stay in touch with us . . . read article

January 23, 2023:
It's not only GURPS that is being added to our ever-expanding catalog of print-on-demand books. The Murphy's Rules collection from the late nineties has now found its way into the print-on-demand library, making it easier than ever to grab this classic work that pokes fun at gaming . . . read article

January 24, 2023:
The classic game of wizarding warfare is back! Wiz-War is live on Kickstarter now, returning for a ninth edition. In Wiz-War, players take control of a variety of wizards trying to nab treasure from their opponents or defeat them with spells like Fireball! and Lightning! . . . read article

January 25, 2023:
The topic of GURPS and a potential fifth edition came up on TikTok, and Irene ran with it, asking fans for feedback on what they'd like to see in a (hypothetical) new edition of the game. While we don't have any specific news in regard to a new edition, it's great to see the incredible reaction to the clip! . . . read article

January 26, 2023:
I recently wrote about our efforts at "uplifting" our print-on-demand reprints to color with full errata as part of our On Demand program. This had another side effect – which is one of my favorite aspects of the digital era . . . read article

January 27, 2023:
The Kobolds are back! 9th Level Games is currently funding Kobolds Ate My Baby! The Orange Book over on BackerKit . . . read article

January 28, 2023:
As you may have heard, the last few years have been rough when it comes to international shipping. Between expenses and delays, bringing new games into the warehouse was a challenge and caused some of us intense stress . . . read article

January 29, 2023:
Discover how GURPS began, with Man to Man – now available in print again as part of the On Demand program! Originally published in 1985, this is a complete rule system of hand-to-hand pre-modern combat . . . and it's also the first release for GURPS! . . . read article

January 30, 2023:
Long out-of-print, we have an updated edition of GreedQuest scheduled for release this summer. We've updated the components, switching to heavier stocks and a mounted gameboard . . . read article

January 31, 2023:
January is always an exciting time of year as we look forward to what the next 12 months will bring, but it's also nice to look back at the past year and see where it's taken us . . . 2022 was an especially interesting time for me since I returned to Steve Jackson Games in the middle of 2021. Most of the year's releases were already complete and at print, so everything I worked on was scheduled to come out in 2022 . . . read article

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