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January 21, 2013: Test The Midwest!

The AADA Duel Circuit: L'Outrance

Do they call it the heartland because of all the bleeding? It'd make a lot of sense; those Minneapolis autoduellists are ruthless. See what life (and death) is like when experienced "to the ultimate" with The AADA Duel Circuit: L'Outrance. Newly released to e23, this classic supplement adds to the Car Wars setting by showing how things are done in the Midwest.

Expand your duelling options with 14 arenas, five track layouts, and a double-sided map (in both the original oversized format and a printer-friendly layout). Run a Duel Circuit series across seven states, or gather together some likeminded drivers for a corporate-centered campaign. Just be sure to remain vigilant; when you're adding to the cup holders, those "soda" versus "pop" conflicts can get violent!

-- Steven Marsh

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