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January 24, 2007: Germsworld

has nothing whatsoever to do with Giant Microbes. So you may ignore that irrelevant link.

No, Germsworld is a very attractively designed site showcasing the creations of Jeremey Claridge, aka "Germy." He's got:

  • Free PDFs for foldable 6mm science fiction buildings (great for Ogre).
  • Free PDFs for other paper stuff . . . 25mm buildings, floor plans for dungeons, space stations, and a Victorian cellar, and even foldable SF vehicles.
  • Free PDFs of SF game rules, including a supplement for Dirtside II.
  • Pictures of his sculpted miniatures . . . mostly 2mm SF with a "soft" look that will appeal to any Vaughn Bode fan. There's also some 10mm fantasy. Yes, 10mm . . . a third the size of "standard" fantasy figures. How cool is that?
-- Steve Jackson

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