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January 27, 2023: Kobolds Ate My Baby! The Orange Book On BackerKit


The Kobolds are back! 9th Level Games is currently funding Kobolds Ate My Baby! The Orange Book over on BackerKit. It's a totally new edition of KAMB! powered by their award-winning polymorph™ system.

We love the game, and we also love its artist, a cool guy named John Kovalic! When the last edition was funded, we collaborated on a stretch goal on the project: Munchkin Kobolds Ate My Baby! (that's still available, by the way, and would pair deliciously with Munchkin Babies . . .)

Some awesome stuff on this BackerKit:

  • A Kobolds Ate My Baby! x Mörk Borg zine, SMÖRKAS BORG!
  • Plush kobolds!
  • A HUGE Digital Adventure Pack, with even more adventures unlockable as stretch goals.
  • Did I mention the PLUSH KOBOLDS yet?

And if you want more adorably menacing kobold content, check out 9th Level's TikTok page! Their charming spokeskobold, Yeet, makes regular appearances.

All Hail King Torg!

-- Irene Zielinski

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