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January 28, 2017: Off To The Nuremberg Toy Fair!

Over the last few years, the Nuremberg Toy Fair has become more important to our plans as we sit down with translation partners and discuss upcoming projects. We review the stages of various games, discuss translation opportunities, and spend three to four days at the convention trying to guarantee that our European licensees have everything they need to continue translating Steve Jackson Games' titles for languages including German, French, Spanish, Russian, and many others.

One highlight of the trip each year is blocking out a day or two to see something outside of the convention center. The most successful "tourism + business" trip to Germany in recent years had to have been the one during which I spent a day in Prague with David Blanchard, our rep at GPI (the company that oversees the majority of our manufacturing needs). It has been tough to top that trip – David drove us from Prague to Nuremberg, and he even made arrangements for us to stay in a fabulous German village while we were there – but this time around, I am hoping to improve on past success. How? Well, I've got the address to the Nuremberg toy museum and (hopefully) time to visit it.

Nuremberg is the home of centuries of toymaking, and exploring the Nuremberg toy museum before sitting down for business at the Nuremberg Toy Fair strikes me as an excellent use of time. The toy museum we visited in Prague a few years ago – photos posted here – was amazing, but looking at the Nuremberg toy museum website, I find myself with high expectations. Fingers crossed here that the museum is everything I'm hoping for!

-- Phil Reed

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