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July 1, 2008: Tom Smith Needs Your Help

Tom Smith has a badly messed-up leg and is in the hospital. Here are the gory details. It's going to get very expensive. You can help him (the man is a self-employed musician, for gosh sakes, and has no medical insurance) by donating here. As a thank-you, you'll be able to download a BUNCH of covers of his songs, donated by his filker friends.

When I typed that, I was assuming you know Tom. Hmm, maybe not. What can I say? Tom is not only a hugely talented singer and songwriter, but a really great guy. He likes GURPS, which is of course a sign of keen judgment and sterling character. He's the one we tapped to do the electronic music for the Fnordcast theme. Whenever I'm at a con with Tom, I'm easy to find . . . I'm the one near the front of the filk concert, laughing hysterically. Hmm, okay, that describes a lot of people, but I'm one of them. (One of my absolute finest all-time convention memories: the day Tom invited me up to the stage to "help" him perform Talk Like A Pirate Day. I put "help" in quotes because, well, Tom is a singer and I am not. But wow, it was great.

If everything goes according to plan, I'll get to see Tom early next year at Chattacon. By then he ought to be out of the wheelchair. And by the time you read this, I will have fed the donation kitty, and if you're a fan of Tom's, you should go do the same.

-- Steve Jackson

PS: If you love funny songs and are not yet a fan of Tom's, I kind of envy you, because it means that some really great pieces are going to be new to you. Where do I start? Superman Sex Life Boogie. Rocket Ride. I Want My Flying Car. Yeah, Yeah, Transitions. Destroyer of Worlds. Lars Needs Women. I Wanna Be Peter Lorre. Rock Me Amidala. Five Years. Sonuva. And dozens of others. And, of course, Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arrrr.

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