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July 3, 2006: Munchkinly Victory Is Mine!

Tara Moscovitch sent us this photo. Is this great, or what?

She writes:

My husband and I got hooked on playing Munchkin a couple years ago and have since attracted many of our friends to the game. As often as we can, we play into the wee hours of the night. Recently, we joked about making a trophy that the winner could keep until the next time we played. Well, I got inspired and made my very own Munchkin trophy out of papier-mache-covered aluminum foil! I have included a photo of the 1.5 foot figure that reads "Munchkinly Victory is Mine!" at the base.

Thanks to Steve Jackson, John Kovalic, and others whose whacky cards give us so many laughs.

Stabbing my buddies with pleasure,

Tara M.

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