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July 23, 2006: Coming In October!

Steve Jackson Games announces for release in October, 2006:

Evil Ted

Horror has come to the happy town of Cotton Falls! The peaceful teddy bears have become . . . zombears! A few lucky survivors have barricaded themselves in the remaining buildings. Can they escape from . . . the Evil Ted?

Break out of your base, find a vehicle, and escape from the hordes. Along the way, you'll find companions to help you survive the onslaught, and you'll collect equipment to defend yourself against the ravenous zombears -- and from your companions, when they become undead! Be the first to flee safely from the hungry hordes!

Evil Ted is a twistedly cute take on the zombie genre, designed and illustrated by Kit Cox, with development by Steve Jackson.

Boxed game with 168 cards, rules, and die. Stock #1365, ISBN 1-55634-759-6. $24.95.

Steve Jackson Games also announces for release in November, 2006:

GURPS Ultra-Tech

Weapons, Vehicles, and Gadgets

GURPS Ultra-Tech is the sourcebook for science-fiction technology, from the near future to the farthest reaches of the imagination. It's a valuable companion to GURPS Space, GURPS Bio-Tech, and GURPS Infinite Worlds, and an exceptional resource for any character or campaign that needs technology from tomorrow . . . and beyond. GURPS Ultra-Tech is full of personal equipment for heroes and superheroes from TL9 to TL12, including:
  • Weapons - from caseless assault carbines and monomolecular swords to antimatter warheads and disassembler nano.
  • Protection - How do you stop a nanomorph assassin with a field-jacketed X-ray laser rifle? Try a dreadnought battlesuit and a personal force screen . . . .
  • Medicine - Superscience can heal, rebuild, and improve on nature. Death itself can become a temporary inconvenience. With cybernetics and neural interfaces, ultra-tech medical equipment and mind uploading, “medical miracles” become everyday occurrences.
  • Transport - Air cars, hovertanks, tilt rotors, grav belts, supercavitating minisubs, matter-transport booths – lots of ways to get where the action is, for the adventurer on the go!
  • As technology advances, the line between man and machine may become increasingly blurred. GURPS Ultra-Tech provides rules for establishing the capabilities and limitations of artificial intelligence, as well as templates for robotic or total cyborg bodies, from handy technical 'bots to shapeshifting nanomorphs.

And still more! Living biosuits, computer implants, holographic projectors, psionic amplifiers, neutrino communicators, nanofactories, hyperspectral goggles, chameleon suits, repair paste, Dyson spheres – there's something for every adventure at every tech level.

GURPS Ultra-Tech was written by David L. Pulver, co-author of the GURPS Basic Set, Fourth Edition, and author or co-author of over 60 other gaming books, and Kenneth L. Peters, the author of Transhuman Space: Spacecraft of the Solar System, and a co-author of Transhuman Space: Under Pressure.

This is the third edition of GURPS Ultra-Tech; it has been revised to the GURPS Fourth Edition rules. The oldest material included here dates back to the first edition of GURPS Space; other material was revised from the GURPS Third Edition versions of GURPS Ultra-Tech, GURPS Ultra-Tech 2, GURPS Cyberpunk Adventures, GURPS Psionics, GURPS Robots, and Transhuman Space.

From the edge of tomorrow to the star-flung future, GURPS Ultra-Tech can equip your characters and your campaign!

240 pages. Hardback. Stock #01-0104, ISBN 1-55634-753-7. $34.95.

-- Paul Chapman

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