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July 7, 2023: Geek Tropical Munchkin Shirts Available Now

Geek Tropical

Summer is here, and Geek Tropical has the shirts to make your drip a little more Munchkin-y. Geek Tropical's new Munchkin Hawaiian shirt line features 18 designs based on the iconic characters, classes, monsters, and loot from the game. These stylish fits are not only covered in Munchkin memes, but they also have a rule on the tag, packing some extra in-game punch with the shirt on your back. Speaking of, Steve sold the Geek Tropical shirt right off his back at LibertyCon, raising an additional $200 during the auction! 

You may have missed out on that shirt, but you don't need hundreds of bucks to get yours: youth sizes start at $33.99 and adult sizes start at $39.99. Order today and let Geek Tropical kick down your closet door! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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