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July 14, 2023: Wiz-War 3D Printable Figures

Unless you've been squashed under a Granite Cube since January, you probably saw we're bringing back Wiz-War – our 9th Edition funded on Kickstarter earlier this year and shipped to backers in June. If you're like me, you've admired the cool Phil Foglio art in the game, from the box cover to the eight colorful wizard standies. You might have even wished those cardboard playing pieces could be real 3D figures. Well, your wish has been granted: Now they can!


The incredibly talented Kim Beaton has brought Phil Foglio's art to life. All eight of the chromatic wizards are ready to print on your 3D printer and paint: grumpy Black with her cat, meditative Purple sitting cross-legged in mid-air, and (my favorite) Orange looking calm and serene as she prepares to blast her opponents to smithereens. You'll also get STL files for their treasure chests, the bases with your choice of pegs or magnet holders for the chests (including a special flying base for Purple), and all of the wizards' emblems to attach to the bases, including a blank emblem badge for custom designs.

In addition, backers will have the opportunity to pick up a physical copy of Wiz-War as an add-on; this is the last chance to get a copy ahead of its Gen Con retail release.

Wiz-War with painted figures on lighted boards

I can't talk about all the stretch goals yet, but they will include the Thorny Vines and Granite Cube obstacles from the game and a set of player Lair tokens to fit into the holes in each sector – see those in my lighted gameboard build to the right! When backers blast through those goals, as I expect you will, there will be more . . .

I was demoing Wiz-War at LibertyCon two weeks ago, and the 3D figures (painted by the incomparable Ben Williams) really took the spell-slinging action to another level. I lost every game, but I lost in style. And at least I wasn't the one who had to punch his way through the wall behind a perfectly-placed hunk of immovable igneous rock!
The unbased figures stand around 50mm tall, with some variation. The files come both professionally pre-supported, for printing as supplied, and unsuppported so you can more easily scale them to use as character figures for RPGs, large display figures, and so on.
These are almost the only official STLs of Phil Foglio's art out there. Don't miss your chance to grab a set, whether as Wiz-War playing pieces or for a spectacular display.

-- Jean McGuire

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