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July 10, 2011: Steve Jackson: Man Of Many Words

SJ will be returning to GenCon this year. He doesn't have a heavy schedule right now. Each day he'll be signing in the Adventure Retail booth (#1401) at 5pm (3pm on Sunday), and giving away a Mega-Chibithulhu afterwards. He also has a couple of meetings with business folks scheduled here and there.

However, what he doesn't have is many scheduled interviews. Inevitably at large events like GenCon and PAX, someone with a mic or a video camera will stop by the booth and want to ask a couple questions about Munchkin, or Zombie Dice, or one of the thousands of other things we're busy with. Of course, Murphy's Law dictates that these requests happen just as SJ has left for lunch or is in the middle of a demo.

So if you're a podcaster, blogger, or other journalist and you'd like some time with SJ during GenCon, send your request to Phil now. We'll happily schedule as many interviews as possible -- after all, Steve has a bunch of things to talk about!

-- Paul Chapman

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